Some of the Most Common Painting Myths Exposed By Mehervi Experts!

Painting myths

What are the Most Common Painting Myths while Painting?

Over the years, DIY home renovation websites and interior decorators have enriched numerous exterior and interior Professional Painting Tips by resolving most common painting Myths. However, we will examine seven Most common painting Myths and dispel them with the real information.

7 Most Common Painting Myths

Experts from Mehervi articulate 7 Most Common Painting Myths and explained the fact about that myth. The details are below;

Painting Myth 1:

A room always appear smaller when dark colors are used.

The Fact:

Take into account the impression you wish to create for the room before deciding against painting it a dark color. A deeper accent color inside creates visual variation and elongates the impression of space in a confined space. In addition to feeling cozy, darker color help enlarge and insulate an area.

Painting Myth 2:

Painting your house before selling is not necessary is also one of the painting myths.

The Fact:

This house painting advice is really “money.” It is almost never a waste of effort and money to paint your house before selling. Actually, a lot of research shows that a house with new paint sells more quickly and for more money. The secret is to paint the interior of your house in color schemes that appeal to purchasers and to make the outside of your house look good.

Painting Myth 3:

Paint with a high gloss level is the most durable.

The Fact:

Historically, high gloss paint was preferred for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Also, it worked wonderfully in kid’s rooms and high-traffic areas.

High gloss paint has advantages and disadvantages. For example, it is difficult to paint over and actually draws attention to surface defects. However, it reflects a lot of light and is easier to clean.

In actuality, properties like mildew, stain, and scratch resistance are attributes seen in paint products today because of advancements in paint technology. The majority of gloss paints are resilient enough to withstand the rigors of humidity, household cleaning, and active families.

Painting Myth 4:

One of the Biggest Painting myths is that paint needs to be applied in two coats at all times.

The Fact:

Probably one of the most widespread misconceptions about painting exists here. When you have the opportunity, try to save money. The number of coats required is determined by the quality of paint supplies used and how thoroughly the area is prepared for painting. Taking these factors into consideration, your interior or exterior may only require one coat. We will include our recommendations in your written proposal.

Painting Myth 5:

The primer is not required.

The Fact:

In most situations, using a primer is imperative. Primers not only assist paint stick to the surface but also give your walls a polished appearance. Professional painters who were aware of extremely rare and specialized situations in which a primer was not required may be the source of this misconception. There are a few different factors. As an example, primer is usually required when working with bare wood. When repainting the same color on clean, well-prepared walls, spot priming can usually be enough.

Painting Myth 6:

Cleaning the walls before painting is not necessary if you use a primer.

The Fact:

One myth that is frequently spread is that using just a high-quality primer will take care of your wall cleaning needs. In a normal world, it’s not true. Primer is an undercoat used as a foundation that secures one or more layers of paint color to the surface, seals the surface material, and promotes paint endurance. Clean your walls if they have even a light layer of dust or are discolored with grease, filth, or handprints to ensure that the primer adheres properly.

Painting Myth 7:

White paint for the trims is always a good idea.

The Fact:

It is true that white trim is currently in style, but you don’t always have to follow the trend. White Moulding contrasts sharply with a colored wall. If the trim is painted the same color as the wall, it will blend in and give the impression that the wall is taller.An excellent method to express your style or set the mood for the space is by using accent trim in a color that complements the base coat.

Why Hiring Professionals Painters by Mehervi for your Residential and Commercial Projects?

As an illustration, we feel urged to address one last painting myth: “Do-it-yourself painting saves money.”

In reality, professional painting using high-quality paint supplies can extend the period between painting by four or more times.

Another key point is that we only buy the high-quality paint you require at volume discounts from reputable manufacturers. We only use the best equipment we have, and we leave the leftover paint with you for touch-ups in the future.

As a result, You don’t have to be worried about Buying brushes, rollers, scrapers, drop cloths, and other materials. You don’t have to prepare the sections for the paint and perform repairs. You don’t even have to move large furniture. We will do everything for you.

Hiring professional painters by Mehervi will help you avoid painting pain and save time and money. Experience painter quality at an elevated level.

We hope you enjoyed this article about professional Painting tips. Click here to read more informative articles or to Book your free Painting consultation for your upcoming Residential or commercial Painting Project.

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Get registered with Mehervi Newsletters to Enjoy Discounts upto 20% on selected Services.

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