Spring Cleaning Checklist – A comprehensive Guide

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Spring Cleaning Checklist: A Comprehensive Guide

Considering where to start your spring cleaning? Get your house neat and organized in no time by using our comprehensive spring cleaning checklist.

What’s not to love about the springtime? The flowers, the breeze, the overall atmosphere? Now, keep that concept in mind and Let’s talk about the spring-cleaning checklist. There are a lot of tasks to complete before opening your doors and windows to let in the warm air!

Whatever type of cleaning we discuss, choosing where to start is always the most uncomfortable aspect! That is also one of the reasons we initially put off cleaning. We’re here to make your work easier with our comprehensive spring-cleaning checklist!

What Supplies do you need?

So, as we speak, we’ve bid goodbye to the long, frigid winters and welcome spring. The ideal spring-cleaning checklist is provided here, because cleaning naturally follows the arrival of spring.

Consider checking out your supply cabinet before getting on your hands and knees and cleaning every nook and cranny that comes to mind!

It’s inconvenient to have to leave in the middle to quickly get a cleaner at the closest grocery shop.

Thus, prepare yourself by ensuring that you have these necessary materials on hand before starting:

  • Microfiber Cloths
  • The sponges
  • Spray bottle.
  • Baking soda together with vinegar
  • All-purpose cleanser
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Wet wipers
  • Cleaner with vacuum
  • Shampoo for carpets.
  • Dishwashing liquid

A Checklist for Spring Cleaning, Room by Room

Our methodical approach will walk you through each room of your house, thoroughly cleaning every crevice. No corners, no countertop, and no area would be overlooked due to your magical touch.

The kitchen, which is the center of the house, is where we should start.


When you first start with the kitchen, it might appear that you’ve taken on much more than you can handle. But don’t be alarmed. Using our spring cleaning checklist will make the process simpler and more doable.

In order to transfer the dust downward and eventually reach the floor, start with the ceiling.

Max ceiling

The fan and lights should be cleaned first. Because the fans have been dormant for the whole winter, there may be a lot of dust and cobwebs gathered, particularly on them.

Windows And Doorways

Continue along the direction of the panes and windows. All of the dust that has gathered on the sills may be removed with a vacuum and its attachment. Make sure to clean your blinds and curtains as well.

The doors and doorknobs follow next. Since the pandemic is still ongoing, they require more than simply cleaning; the knobs and handles need to be sanitized. The kitchen’s exterior and cabinet doors are in the same category.

While dusting cloths and all-surface cleaners are great options, you may also quickly clean your house using vinegar and baking soda.


Let’s now discuss the appliances. Our appliances include a coffee maker, toaster, microwave, and refrigerator. Examine each of these individually. Regarding the toaster, clear away all of the crumbs and clean the crumb tray.

Every kitchen equipment you may have, including the dishwasher, blender, juicer, etc., should have its outside thoroughly cleaned and wiped off.

Sort and discard any food that has gone bad from the refrigerator shelves. Additionally, there can be dust on the freezer and refrigerator seal; carefully brush it off. Lastly, for a comprehensive spring cleaning, defrost the freezer and clean the freezer, as well as the area above, below, and behind it.

The Countertop and Sink

The sink and countertop area should then be cleaned. Ensure that the sink area is cleaned, and the inside rim of the skin is sanitized. Don’t forget to empty the dishwasher and discard any used dishwashing wipes and sponges. Lastly, give your gas stove a thorough cleaning.

Drawers and Cabinets Inside

Empty the cabinets of everything and give the interior a thorough cleaning. Make sure you’re doing the decluttering in tandem. Remove everything you haven’t used in a long time or that you no longer require. Everything gets more organized the less room they occupy.

The Floor and the Trash

Lastly, give the floor a quick cleaning. Vacuuming or mopping might be used for this task. The garbage disposal and doormats should also not be overlooked!


Ouch! Sure, the dreaded restrooms are the next topic. Nonetheless, they must undoubtedly be on your list of things to clean this spring. Thus, here’s how to get your spring cleaning in 2024 started:

  • To reduce your workload, start by removing the expired items. This also applies to cleaners and wipers that have rusted.
  • Start by cleaning the inside of your cabinet and making sure all of the goods and medications are in order. The completed and expired items should then be thrown away.
  • Glass cleaner and a wipe can be used to clean the mirror.
  • Start cleaning after that. Give the shower, commode, and tub a thorough scrub.
  • Shower curtains should be washed or replaced with cleaner models if you have any.
  • Look for fungus and grout on the tiles, then scrub and thoroughly clean with an all-purpose or toilet cleaner.
  • The toilet bowl and floor are all that remain. Using the toilet cleanser and bowl brush, thoroughly scrub the bowl to remove any residue or discoloration.
  • Applying detergent to the floor can help you wipe or mop it clean but be cautious because the tiles are slick.


Make your way over to the bedrooms now. Once more, just like in the kitchen, begin from the very top—that is, the ceiling.

The following spring-cleaning checklist has been put up to help with the task:

  • The ceiling fan and light fittings should be cleaned first.
  • Next, clean the corners and any collected dust with a long brush to get rid of spider webs.
  • Proceed to the doors and windows after that. Lastly, be sure to give the doorknobs and handles a thorough cleaning.
  • Every piece of furniture, such as the sofa, dresser, side tables, bed, and drawers, should be dusted. At this stage, you can polish any sections that require corrections.
  • Get your cabinets and drawers organized. Putting away your winter clothes and bringing out your cooler spring/summer dresses is a great way to update your wardrobe.
  • Clean every piece of bedding, curtain, pillowcase, and other upholstery.
  • Additionally, flipping your mattress might be a smart idea.
  • Remove all of the toys, books, and shelves from the child’s bedroom.
  • Alternatively, mop and clean the floors. If you have carpets, use the vacuum, carpet shampoo, etc.

Living Area

We’re going to get to the lighter sections now. However, you must make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned because people walk directly into these areas. Thus, start with the lights and fans once more before moving on to the windows.

  • Glass or window cleaner can be used to clean the windows. Use the vacuum to remove any dirt that is on the window pane.
  • The sofas, chairs, and other furniture must then be cleaned.
  • Utilizing a moist towel, dust and clean the blinds now. If the curtains are the problem, washing them in the machine might be a smart option.
  • Next, let’s talk about the décor and light shades. Utilizing the microfiber cloth, gently clean them. (remove and wash whatever remains)
  • Handle the cushion coverings with water.
  • Use a vacuum and shampoo to thoroughly clean the carpets and rugs.
  • Start by giving the TV and other devices a quick dusting.
  • Clean the remote controls for the TV and other devices.
  • Clean the floors using a mop.


Probably the most crucial area of the house to clean, but one that is often overlooked, is the doorway. The main way that shoes bring in dirt and filth is because everyone must pass through it in order to enter or exit the house.

When you have visitors, consider your doorway to be the first thing they see about your home. Now, let’s return to the entryway and our spring-cleaning checklist.

  •  Make sure to clean all of your wall hangings, racks, and décor starting with the walls.
  • Tumble dry the door, handle, and doorknob. Moreover, sanitize the knob.
  • Put shoes, racks, keys, and counter space in order.
  • Thoroughly clean and sweep the floor.
  • Finally, clean the doormat, which is the main area that collects filth and grime. Cleaning this one would be preferable.
  • If there is a rug at the entryway, it has to be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned.


Although it’s outdoors, the garage is still very much in the spring-cleaning category. Therefore, to get things started, here is a helpful statement from the spring-cleaning list:

Being ruthless is the key to a successful spring clean! Everything you never use should be thrown out!

  • Discard the empty or expired bottles and damaged tools.
  • To get a sense of the room and allow in some fresh air, open the door.
  • Walls and floors should be cleaned.
  • The door and remote control should be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Lastly, give the windowpanes and windows a thorough cleaning.

General Advice for Spring Cleaning

Aside from basic housekeeping, there are a number of tasks we put off until they become an annoyance. It is therefore important to take care of mending those items as well during your spring cleaning. These consist of:

  • Verify that none of the lights are broken. When necessary, swap out the lightbulbs.
  • Air vents and filters should be cleaned.
  • Examine and change the batteries in your smoke alarm.
  • Every handle, light switch, and doorknob should be cleaned.
  • Wherever possible, reorganize and declutter.

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