How to Clean Mattress? – Everything you need to know

How to Clean Mattress

How To Clean a Mattress?

It’s wonderful to sleep on fresh, clean linens. However, when was the last time you genuinely valued having a clean mattress? A clean mattress is a terrific method to keep the fabric looking new longer and get rid of bacteria, skin cells, and dirt accumulation. It’s crucial to clean your mattress on a regular basis if you have allergies.

Mattress Cleaning Suggestions

  • Take off all of your blankets, pillows, and sheets.
  • Should it be feasible, move the mattress outside.
  • To remove any obvious dirt from the mattress, use a vacuum hose.
  • Your mattress should be covered in baking soda, then left for at least 20 minutes.
  • Your mattress should be re-vacuumed.
  • Give your mattress a thorough washing with a moist sponge and a moderate home cleaning solution.
  • If feasible, move your mattress to a sunny location where UV radiation will help to eliminate microorganisms.
  • Give your mattress enough time to totally dry.
  • Now you may wish to switch to your mattress’ other side and repeat.

What’s the Recommended Frequency for Mattress Cleaning?

A bacterial sanctuary is created by mattresses collecting dust mites, pollen, dead skin cells, perspiration, hair, and food particles. It is recommended to clean a mattress at least once a year, however it takes time. Although a mattress pad can help keep your mattress cleaner over time (and should be washed frequently), a full cleaning is still necessary. Washing your mattress pad should be done at least twice a year, or more frequently if you have allergies!

How Often Should My Mattress Be Flipped?

At least, once every three months, it is advised that you turn and flip your mattress. As a result of sleeping in the same place night after night, this helps prevent body indentations. Given that every day both sides of the mattress are impacted, this is particularly crucial if you share a bed with someone. It will assist to avoid uneven wear and tear if you rotate and turn your mattress.

How to Get Rid of Odors in a Mattress?

Use baking soda to cover the mattress to get rid of any stale smells. A vacuum should be used to remove the baking soda after it has been on the mattress for a few hours. Make sure to always check the weather before transporting your mattress outside! Move the mattress outside with a buddy to assist get rid of any odors; sunshine and fresh air will do that. As bacteria are killed by UV radiation, spread your mattress out for up to an hour on each side. Give the mattress a few solid blows to help remove any loose dust while you’re outside.

Mattress Stain Removal Techniques 

For the purpose of eliminating mattress stains, combine dish soap and hydrogen peroxide: Two cups hydrogen peroxide and one tablespoon dish soap should be added to a bowl. Combine thoroughly. Apply this mixture to the spots on your mattress using a fresh sponge. After letting the mixture work for a few minutes, use a moist cloth to blot or massage the spots.

How To Remove Urine from a Mattress?

  •  Apply as many moisture-absorbing dry paper towels as you can.
  • Pour two teaspoons of dish soap into a bucket and add one gallon of boiling water.
  • Next, use a towel and the bucket mixture to blot the area after removing any solids.
  • Once you’ve extracted as much pee as you can, keep blotting.
  • Apply a generous amount of hot, soapy water to the area using a small cup.
  • Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the liquid as soon as possible.

Before the liquid soaks further into the mattress, any impurities should be removed by vacuuming the liquid. A wet/dry vacuum, not your standard vacuum, should be used. If there are still any pee stains or odors, follow the aforementioned cleaning instructions again. Dry the area with a fresh towel, and before putting on sheets, let the mattress air dry completely (ideally in the sun outside).


How to Maintain a Clean Mattress?

One excellent method of keeping your mattress clean is to regularly wash your bed linens. To provide a barrier between your mattress and the bedsheets, a mattress cover is also a fantastic option. The next time your kids get into trouble, you can easily clean up after them by using a waterproof mattress cover every time.

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Get registered with Mehervi Newsletters to Enjoy Discounts upto 20% on selected Services.

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