Cleaning Glass – A DIY Approach

cleaning Glass

Cleaning Glass – A DIY APPROACH:

Cleaning Glass is often considered very trickier, hence, experts from mehervi- A tope rated cleaning service in NYC- Explain in this article a DIY approach of glass cleaning. Do you want the surfaces of your glass to shine? You are not the only one who finds it difficult to clean glass. Sadly, this domestic chore proves to be challenging for far too many people. It need not be, though. To remove those annoying streaks and smudges, we have all the knowledge you need. 

Some Tips for Glass Cleaning

1. Use an old t-shirt 

First and foremost, you must identify an appropriate material for utilization. You could already have what you need, even though there are many beautiful textiles available. Taking an old t-shirt—ideally one you no longer need—might be the best course of action. These garments usually have just the proper amount of absorbency to remove those troublesome stains off the glass. 


The glass may be directly polished using window polish, and the polish can be removed with a t-shirt. Find a t-shirt that you are willing to use as a rag first. After doing that, you may test it out on the window. It’s possible that certain t-shirts are superior to others. For instance, you may discover that shirts with a combination

2. Create your own Glass cleaner 

There are many different products available if you’re searching for the best one to clean glass with. But many of the high-end brands may be very costly. You may create your own cleaner at home to save some money. If you have a pantry full of goods already and want to use up some old products, this hack is great.


To get started, you’ll need some vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water. First, whisk together the water and rubbing alcohol until they are about equal. A cup of alcohol and one cup of water should be combined, ideally. After that, carefully stir in about a tablespoon of vinegar. Then, thoroughly shake (or mix) to incorporate the cleaning.

3. Start by cleaning at the top.

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is that you should wipe windows and mirrors starting from the top. It’s easy to understand why. You’ll notice that items trickle down as you use them. If you are cleaning from the bottom up, then that is not good news. Despite your best efforts, you can wind up with streaks on the glass that you are unable to remove. One of the most common mistakes we find people making while cleaning glass is forgetting to work from the top down. 

That’s why starting at the top and working your way down is one of the best glass cleaning ideas you’ll hear. After that, you may immediately spray the glass with the product or cleaner. After that, smoothly slide the cloth or squeegee down the glass. This will be easier to use the faster you get started with the product.

4. Get a squeegee.

Do you want to learn how to clean glass like a pro? It is simple to do correctly. Purchasing a squeegee with your money might have a huge impact. These tools include a grip that is easy to use and a rubber edge. Consequently, smudges and stains on glass can be removed fast. Use a cloth (or, as we’ve already indicated, a t-shirt!) to begin cleaning your windows or other glass items. That will assist you in clearing the filth and grime from the glass quickly. It’s a great place to begin. 


But, you need use the squeegee to finish cleaning if you want to make sure that it is 100% complete. After you take that action, the glass will appear spotless and clean. It is recommended that you use the same strategy as previously: Using the squeegee, begin at the top of the window and go down. As you go, you’ll see that the markings and streaks begin to rapidly vanish. Make constant use of this product.

5. Use cotton buds to poke into the corners.

The next step is to reach into the corners of your windows after you have cleaned the majority of the glass. Unfortunately, many individuals find this phase of the cleaning process stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! You may utilize a basic tool that you most likely already have in your house. Take some cotton buds out of the restroom and begin working. These buds’ ability to clean will be greatly enhanced by their dual characteristics of being small and absorbent. 

To remove any dirt, use cotton buds to reach into the corners of your windows. You’ll frequently notice that the cleaner or product gathers in the corners of your windows when washing them. There’s nowhere else for it to go but down the glass panels. Therefore, unless you know how to remove them, you can wind up with markings that are difficult to get rid of. You may be sure to take up every last place if you have cotton buds handy.

6. Crumble up a piece of newspaper

In actuality, you can clean your glass without the use of expensive solutions. Maybe the greatest substance in your living room is already what you need to clean glass. An old newspaper, for instance, may be crumpled and used as a rag. This material is often easy to use and absorbent, even if you might not realize that. When crumpling the paper, make sure there are no sharp edges, since these might cause problems.

After completing that, apply the product of your choice to the glass or window. To remove the cleaning residue, use the newspaper. To do this properly, you need to move quickly and forcefully. Move quickly. 

Tips for avoiding mistakes when cleaning glass :

After learning about some of the greatest methods for cleaning glass in your house, let’s discuss some things you shouldn’t do. Surprisingly, a lot of individuals make serious blunders while attempting to clean glass. For this reason, a great deal of us discover that the glass surfaces in our homes have stains, smudges, and blemishes.  

 Here are several errors to stay away from:

  • Misting the cleanser onto the debris

Spraying the cleaner can seem like the initial step in cleaning glass. False! In order to remove any dirt or grime, you should clean the surface before proceeding. You’ll have a higher chance of cleaning and streak-free glass in this approach.  

  • Cleaning on a bright, warm day

You must avoid making this error, even if it can appear strange at first. You could discover that the substance dries more quickly than you can wipe it off if you clean your windows or other glass surfaces on a bright day. It’s a certain technique to give the illusion that the glass is spotted.

  • Not utilizing adequate cleaning supplies

When utilizing your product, don’t be sparing. Take washing windows, for instance, when a lot more cleaner is required. In order to remove any grime that may have accumulated on the windows, you will need to apply a lot of cleaner.  


Remain calm. We’ve got you covered. A few of the most common queries on this subject are listed below:

What is a streak-free glass cleaning method?

As we’ve already discussed, removing streaks from your glass is easy using a squeegee. In order to prevent the substance from drying too quickly, you should also avoid washing the glass on a warm day. 

Can glass be cleaned with vinegar?

Certainly, but not by itself. An easy DIY cleaner to create is vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water mixed together. Making this product only takes a few seconds. Why not give it a go and see for yourself what happens?

What is a natural way to clean glass?

Use a mixture of half vinegar and half water as a natural glass cleaning. It is recommended that you re-use a spray bottle with this solution. With a cloth, squeegee, or even newspaper, you may utilize it. 100% of the decision is yours!  

Can vinegar damage glass?

No, is the succinct response. To avoid damaging any rubber or plastic, you should not apply the vinegar-based solution to them. These materials can begin to erode due to the acidity of the solution. Thus, be very cautious when washing your windows.

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