Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning – A comprehensive guide to clean the Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning

Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning: The Best Way to Spotlessly Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets cleaning is one of the most essential parts of cleaning the Kitchen. Experts from Mehervi articulate the tips of cleaning Kitchen cabinets on daily, monthly and yearly bases. Even though the majority of people don’t clean their kitchen cabinets on a regular basis, spills, splatters, and oily fingerprints are inevitable, especially if you cook every day.

Whether your kitchen cabinets are painted, laminate, glass, or wood, they lose their aesthetic value when they are dirty, stained, or coated with dust. Having unclean kitchen cabinets may have negative consequences on your kitchen’s appearance as well as potential health risks due to bacteria or viruses.

Whether you’re looking for a quick or deep clean, just follow these simple guidelines by Mehervi – A top rates cleaning service in New York City.

Tips for routine Kitchen cabinets cleaning

To maintain a clean and bright kitchen, follow these easy steps, regardless of the type of cabinets you have—painted, laminate, or polished wood.

  1. Use a towel to dab at grease with an all-purpose cleaner that is safe to use or a dish soap and water combination. Make sure the cloth is somewhat damp, but not drenched.
  2. Keeping an eye out for knobs and drawer handles, where greasy fingerprints are probably hiding, wipe the cabinet door on both sides.
  3. If there is stubborn dirt (mostly from cupboards over the stove), cover a soft scrub pad with a towel and gently wipe it clean.
  4. Rinse the cabinet doors with a moist cloth until no soap or cleaning residue remains.
  5. Using a microfiber towel, buff dry. Read the package instructions and polish the final wood cabinets after applying a cabinet cream.

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Deep cleaning Kitchen cabinets: A practical guide

The interior of your kitchen cabinets and drawers can gather dust, debris, and stains, so don’t ignore them for too long. Instead, wipe down the knobs and cabinet doors on a regular basis for a fast touch-up. There should be a thorough cleaning every several months.

  1. Begin emptying each cabinet and drawer, working your way down from the higher cabinets. A helpful tip is to avoid emptying them all at once. You may empty them one at a time or a couple at a point.
  2. Clean out the interior of the cabinet, including the shelf itself and the back of the cabinet door, with a moist microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleanser.
  3. Keep in mind to clean any trim, grooves, or hardware where grease and dust may collect. Use a tiny brush or toothbrush to gently clean the area if your cloth is unable to reach small crevices.=
  4. Buff Dry

How frequently should kitchen cabinets be cleaned?

Every day: It’s better to clean up any food spills or splatters as soon as you can using a moist towel. Deeper cleanings won’t be necessary as often if you clean while you cook.

Monthly: You may use your preferred cabinet cleaner to quickly touch up the exterior of your cabinets once a week.

Once or twice a year: A deeper clean—which requires removing everything and thoroughly cleaning each cabinet on the inside as well as the outside—is occasionally beneficial for kitchen cabinets. Our recommendation? Schedule a thorough cleaning for the spring and fall.

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Get registered with Mehervi Newsletters to Enjoy Discounts upto 20% on selected Services.

Get registered with Mehervi Newsletters to Enjoy Discounts upto 20% on selected Services.